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Sunday, 31 October 2010

The fox is back

Sometimes you just give in with these humans! Over the last few nights I spent time telling them the fox was back in the area and hanging out in an old shed next door to us. Did they listen?  NO!
The other day it rained, did I care, no....I kept watch on the fox and got soaked, but again did the humans come and sort it out... did they heck. I just got told off for being a "mutt" and staying out in the rain.
Well now they believe me......
Mr Stop'it came out the other morning as I was barking at the fox whilst it sat in the field, and he actually seen it.  He went next door to warn the Greek people to take care of their chickens at night because of the fox......but he learnt it was too late......ALL DEAD.  (the chickens not the Greeks!)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Local "runway"

Well I guess I have to admit Mr Stop'it seems to have had a good job done in the garden, at least it means I will not have to get "my undercarriage"  wet and dirty when I run down to the gate to see whats going on!  Odd though I don't think he made it big enough because once it was leveled he kept watering it, I think he wanted it to grow...odd these humans!   Now talking of undercarriages we are not too far from the local airport, I wonder if he can rent it out as well for landings?
Actually I think he had it done just in time as just after he stopped watering it over the last few days we have suffered nothing but rain, rain and more rain.

Monday, 25 October 2010

A mess in the garden !

On our way back from the beach the other day on passing through the village a man called out to Mr Stop'it from the Kafenion that I recognised as the person who sometimes visits and does odd jobs for my people. I could not hear exactly what was said but when we arrived home Mr Stop'it parked the "Green Meanie" outside the gates on our neighbours spare land.......odd I thought !
Later that day I found out why, a very noisy giant truck arrived with some men my people knew. All of a sudden the truck was very sick and out of its "rear end" came a heck of allot of grey wet stuff....I was amazed, Mr Stop'it going to have a job picking all that up.....let him ever moan about the little bit I do !!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The "Mean Green Road Machine""

As I said in my earlier blog Mrs Stop'it has her own tin box on wheels now, and as you can see its fitted out for me to ride in! As I tend to get rather sandy when I come back from the beach my people have "Rosie proofed" the rear seats, as they say. Its not quite as comfortable as the blue tin box, but it is easier for me to see through the side windows, and to get my head out and sniff around. In fact I don't mind what we ride in, I just LOVE riding in cars.....
I have to humour Mr Stop'it when we get ready to go out, I am not allowed in the tin box until he tells me. He always opens the doors and makes me wait before giving the command to jump in. I think he likes to believe he is in control of me.....ha ha, thats what he thinks !!!!!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A whole week away......

I stayed at Pal's house for a whole week before my people returned, and had a grand old time.  Pal's people call me "Rosie Rottweiler" , now I wonder why ?
Unlike my house I can watch people and traffic on the side road, so anyone that passes I always let the humans know, I think they appreciate it! Ever since I have been going to Pal's house I have tried to teach him how to make sure the humans know when there are other humans about, he now has the idea and joins in barking with me each time, we make a formidable duo.

The Stop'its arrived to collect me late Saturday afternoon, apparently they had to make a quick visit to the UK and of course I am unable to go there with them....I like Pal's people, but I'm glad the Stop'its are back! 

Monday, 18 October 2010

A surprise holiday

All of a sudden there was a lot of phone activity by my people, something was up. Then I seen my food dish and grub loaded into the back of the "Green Meanie" and I was off to Pal's house.
(I'll tell you more about Mrs Stop'its "Green Meanie" on wheels later)
As we arrived Pal was at the fence and let out a load bark when he seen me, soon we were playing together in the garden. Mr Stop'it disappeared almost immediately, but I was not too concerned as Pal's people look after me really well. Each morning we go out for long walks in the woods and fields nearby; its great to have someone to run about with!  Another thing is when I am at Pal's I get extra treats from his "mum" because she bakes lots of cakes, but don't tell Mr Stop'it because he seldom allows me human food! 

Monday, 4 October 2010

I'm dog gone tired.....

I had a really busy day !  First we set off for our run on the beach (and Mrs Stop'its sit down!!), then it was off to the local village for a food "top up" before setting off back home.  Now I had just settled down for a "dog nap" and my people were up and off again.  Sometimes I get left behind, but this time I heard the rattle of my leash so I knew I was invited too.
Now once I get to certain locations I tend to smell where we are off to, and on this occasion it was Pal's house.
The humans sat, drank, talked and ate whilst Pal and I played in the garden. As time went by we too got hungry and Pal's dinner arrived. I was a bit trouble that my people did not seem to have brought my dinner dish with them, so I was very relieved when Pal's mum produced a dish for me.  Dinner with friends, what could be better?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

My own beach house....

It may be October but out here in Greece many days are still very warm, especially for us dogs. Yesterdays temperature reach 30 C again, so I often have to look for some shade and a cool drink.  The trips to the beach, now I am allowed again are no exception, so I have found my very own beach house!
So each day when I get taken to the beach Mrs Stop'it can sit in her chair in the sun and read her book, Mr Stop'it and I can walk up and down the beach so he can practice his whistle blowing (that he always expects me to listen for) and I humour him by doing different things depending on the number of times he makes a noise! In saying all that when I get fed up I just will come here to my new beach home and let them carry on playing.....

Friday, 1 October 2010

Woof woof its 1st October !

Well its the 1st October and that might not mean much to you humans outside Greece, but to us canines here it means "freedom".  I'm now allowed back on the beaches for my run every morning. So this morning the "Stop'its" were up and out with me on the beach near our home. It was good to have a sniff about at all the fresh new smells and a real run about......
Afterwards we went to Petalidi so my people could buy our food, Friday is market day so there are a lot of stalls and people about, this time I was not allowed outside the blue tin box on wheels, but with my head out of the window I could bark at anyone I did not like !