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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The "pup" next door

I can't recall if I told you that one of my human neighbours a few weeks ago got themselves a puppy to look after them?  I went and introduced myself to the new baby when he was only four weeks old and I also allowed my people to donate one of my collars to him.   Not a bad looking bundle of fur for a kid, I must say. and quite well mannered.   The problem starts when 
they become teenagers and think their generation invented "serve and protect". Wanting to be out on the town every night barking mad, and chasing cars, not to mention trying to run after felines!
Anyway, Rex (as the humans call him) arrived at my gate this morning so I invited him in for a play around; not that he was much fun but I guess he is still far too young, in fact I'm old enough to be his Grandmother! (mind you I don't feel it)

However as you will see from the photographs pups grow up very quick and Rex is nearly as big as me. Now thinking about that and thinking about the future I needed to lay down some ground rules, after all I was here first! Then giving things a second thought I need to make sure I remain friendly with him as in a year or so he'll be big enough to eat me!
So he had the grand tour of "Villa del a Rosie" 

Mr Stop'it even gave him some of my meaty strips, as if he needed feeding! Now as long as he remains a visitor and leaves my food bowl alone I don't mind, in fact it will be fun to have another canine around the place and given the size he will grow to perhaps he'll be able to keep some of these street urchins away that come around at night to pester me..............

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Indoor loo.....

Well all the presents have gone from under the tree now so not much to sniff around. Last night was wet and cold so my people invited me into their kennel again upstairs. Now as long as I stay in my basket they don't mind. I was thinking however how lucky they are to have me and not my friend Pal, who would definitely had "pee'd" up against this tree by now.
Odd these humans putting doggy toilets indoors though!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Playing "hard to get"

During our beach walk this morning I met this quite nice looking dog.  I think he was a stray like I once was as he had no  necklace and name,(you know the sort of thing humans give you when they think they own you). Anyhow we had a bit of a chat....
I think he was quite interested in me really so I thought I would play him along a bit.  Now as you know it does not do us girls well to be free and easy on your first date, so I think I'll keep on on the hook a little bit get !
Oh I am a tease..........

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to all my human and canine friends all over the world!

As you will guess my day started as normal with a run on our local beach here in Greece. Over the last week or so I have been allowed to sleep in my peoples kennel upstairs

 (as normally I'm only allowed in the basement), by doing so I could see that all my friends living in the UK and some other parts of Europe have lots of "the white stuff". Here we are very lucky, a warm day around 18 C on the beach this morning. The downside was I was made to wear a red collar with bells, and horns! Now I ask you?  Thank goodness my mate Pal did not see me. However one thing about Mrs Stop'it she said " if you wear them, so will I !"
So after the beach run it was back home and as you can see I got lots of presents. The presents have been under the Christmas tree for the last three weeks, and I have very tempted to get my teeth into them; but being a well trained dog I waited until they were given to me today. The good thing was the majority of them I could eat !  I know Mr Stop'its mother and sister bought me some of these and they came all the way from the UK in the mobile kennel my people bought when they went there earlier this year.

One thing I found out in opening my presents from Mr Stop'its sister is that she certainly knows how to try and stop a dog from getting into them! No shortage of cello-tape in South Wales I can tell.....
My people opened their presents also at the same time, its OK 
for them they have much bigger paws than me and the top paws do not have to do the walking like mine hence the end bits have not worn down like mine and they can get the cello-tape off!  In the end Mrs Stop'it helped me though.

Now with all this paper hanging around my sitting area on the balcony I hope she cleans it up before my mates come around.....

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Play time...

One good thing about living where I do is that I have lots of different beaches to visit with my people and early in the morning when I get to go out in the "Green Meanie"  Mr Stop'it drives to lots of different locations.  This morning we went to Bouka beach, I like it there because not only do I get to run on the sand but opposite there is a big forest type area where I can go and search for new smells.

Now as you can see there is also a children's playground and as it was so early with no kids about I kept watch whilst Mr Stop'it played!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

I'm in trouble AGAIN !

I actually do try to be a good dog, but sometimes it just fails!
We set off early this morning, as we do most mornings, to the beach for my run about. My people vary the beaches we go to so I am never sure what to expect. The other day we went to a beach near our house that has lots of woodlands near it and I could run about in the woods and chase birds etc. It makes a change from getting sand between your paws. 
Anyway back to this morning. We ended up at the beach just 3 kilometers away from our home, lots of sand and pebbles and behind the beach there is lots of farming land. I took off and ran up the beach like mad, Mr Stop'it will let me go so far but often will whistle me to wait for him, or run back to him. Anyway today I got "the scent". I found a glorious pile of fox poo....and Mr Stop'it did not see it !
Now if you know anything about us canines its in our make up from hunting days to always try and hide our scent so we can creep up on pray, disguised etc. So thats why we role about in the fox smells great.......
Guess what?
I don't think humans agree !!!!!!!!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Yαμημένο του κρύου......

It might not be "lady-like" but its true! (For those of you who understand my native language).  Last night was one of the coldest nights so far this year. In fact Mr Stop'it allowed me to come in the upstairs house and sleep in the new basket they brought me from the UK on their last visit, gee was I glad. If I had been male it would have been enough to freeze my b#*@'s off!  Thinking of that its probably a good job my mate Pal had his removed, unless they probably would have dropped off last night!

Monday, 6 December 2010

The mobile kennel

Now as I was saying earlier when my people returned, behind the tin box on wheels they had this mobile kennel thing.....well they have just finished emptying it.  I tell you these housekeepers of mine have some strange ideas, they bought yet another table and chair set (they already have three!), boxes full of eatable goodies (that I'll never get to taste), garden whirlygig things that Mrs Stop'it puts her clothes on in the garden (don't know why she wants to show the neighbours her clothes!), a white tin box that seems to cook the humans  clothes after Mrs Stop'it has washed them, even more tools for Mr Stop'its garage, some giant garden pots (now if I filled them with water I could drown those pesky cats in those!), metal dolls for the garden with wings on (told you humans are odd!) but most important was lots of packs of treats and food for ME !!!!!! 

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Yikes......its the vet again!

The morning started like any other morning for me. Around 0730hrs I started banging on the front door of my peoples kennel to let them know its was time to get up and out with me!  Mr Stop'it arrived out first (as normal) and after our "greeting" I had my morning brush down and a bit of breakfast.
Once I know the Stop'its are going out in the tin box on wheels I have to make it clear to them I want to go as well........
So off we went to the beach for my morning run about, then it happened....we arrived at the vets!  Well I thought to myself, I don't feel ill, I know all my vaccinations are up to date, so why are we here? Now going to the vets for me is like you humans going to the dentist, its OK waiting in the waiting room, but the site of the chair (or in my case the table) makes me want to run!
It was however all to no avail and I need not have worried, Mr Stop'it went there to collect the results of my blood test (which were good) so I can now travel in and out of the U.K. with them....Yippee have passport will travel !!!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

I've never seen this white stuff !

As I was saying my I heard my people telling friends they were lucky they left the UK and headed back to Greece when they did, even so just look at the white stuff they came through on the way back.
Now being a Greek thoroughbred mutt (so I'm told by Mr Stop'it), I've never been able to play in the white stuff, as since I was born we have not had any snow fall in this part of Greece, although some of my canine friends say there are snow field where humans go skiing in northern Greece.  It all looks far too cold to me!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Just where did they go?

Now as I was saying the Stop'its went off the to UK and left me behind!  This time they drove all the way there and back and brought yet another "kennel on wheels" back with them. Only this kennel was full of furniture and other bits and pieces, along with some food for me! 
I have heard them say that they were very lucky to leave the UK when they did as on the way back they encountered lots of snow and had to go the long way around as they could not drive through the Austrian passes.  Well serves them right is what I say....especially leaving me behind!