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Thursday, 27 January 2011

In flight entertainment

I have decided I hate winter! Not that I am ungrateful to my housekeepers allowing me in at night so I can stay warm, but I would much prefer the warm nights of the summer so I can run about outside and bark at the night life. When I woke the Stop'its up at 0700hrs this morning and looked out of the windows the ground outside was white with frost, you see even here in Greece we have the occasional frosty morning but at least there was no water leaking from the sky. You see when the sky leaks my people do not take me to the beach for my morning exercise and sniff about. In saying that I hate water too !  You don't think I got rabies do you ?

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Rosie no go area.....

Over the last few days not much has happened in my household, my housekeepers  have taken me out on the normal beach runs, but they have also been busy in my garden doing other things.  Now I can understand the humans planting things that grow and we can eat, in fact I can even accept them making a "Rosie no go area" so they can grow their own food, well I think that is what it is.  Either that or Mr Stop'it has convinced the "misses" to have chickens and has laid a runway for them!
Now just when I think my people are beginning to understand what us canines want in our gardens; lots of trees, rocks to climb on and a bit of rough for "well our other business", they start to worry me! Both of them decide the plant fairies in the rockery..........uh the next thing will be garden gnomes !!!!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I have had quite an exhausting day today. Up this morning and out in the "Green Meanie" with my people for my daily beach romp. Then shopping (and I don't think they bought anything for me!) and all this afternoon I had to supervise Mr Stop'it's work.
I think Mrs Stop'it must have fed him "get up and go pills" because first he got the digger out and ploughed up the veggie plot, then all afternoon he mowed the grass. Now I had to keep watch because I know just where I buried some emergency food rations........Thank goodness darkness falls around 1730hrs and he stopped work, so I can now get a late siesta!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Up until now I thought just how lucky a dog I am getting to live with Mr Mrs Stop'it.  We get to go out most mornings in either the "green meanie", Mrs Stop'its car; or in the blue tin box on wheels, Mr Stop'its car.  Now I know Mr Stop'it has a motor bike back in the UK and after today seeing one of my canine friends I think he should bring it over here to Greece for us !

Sunday, 9 January 2011

These kids got no energy

I came home the other day after my morning constitutional on the beach and as we drove through the gates my new pal "Rex" decided to come in and see me. Now provided he remembers this is "my pad" and all the food here is mine, I don't mind him visiting.
Well I thought we were going to have a good play around like I do with Pal, but no these youngsters just do not have any stamina. I few minutes run about and he needed a rest. Mind you he'll soon get up if he pricks himself on one of these plants! 

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Another Christmas ?

One thing about living here in Greece with my British people is that I get  Christmas twice a year. You see whilst my people only celebrate Christmas on 25th December, the Greek adults celebrate the 6th January as well, the first day of Epiphany. The day is special to Greeks, there is the ceremony of the Blessing of the waters and the vessels that sail on them. Another human custom is the local priest throws a large crucifix into the harbour and young men brave the cold water to retrieve it. I think that where Mr Stop'it gets his idea that I should retrieve his stick he throws in the water for me.....WRONG!  I'm not that stupid.

By the way on my visit to the beach this morning I met my "stray" mate again, we played hunt the smell and chase, but he still did not catch me!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

My head hurts.....

Happy New Year to all my human and canine friends out there!

Well I am actually glad all these human celebrations have come to an end for another year.  Mrs Stop'it was up early yesterday and after my run on the beach she did nothing else but cook and bake food. Now I thought to myself just how am I going to eat all of that!  Then Mr Stop'it started moving furniture about, in fact he even took my best chair, there was general chaos in my household which meant I never got around to taking my afternoon siesta..........
Later that evening I found out why, lots of their human friends arrived to eat, drink and be merry; there was music and at midnight they all decided to get up and start dancing, some sort of funny ring-a-ring of roses! 

Now just how is a girl capable of sleeping in all that noise, let me tell you when everyone had gone and the Stop'its went to bed I just crashed out........