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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

He''s gone.......

We went out this morning for my beach outing as normal but something was missing!  Yes the poor old Boxer at the bottom of the road has disappeared. Now unfortunately we do not know what has happened to him, but as you will have seen from my earlier blogs even if the "worst" did happen it was kinder than seeing him shackled and dying slowly.  It looks as if the authorities did take notice of my people and their friend. Sometimes even in Greece things do workout !
Now if only more took action like my people did we could go some way to stop my canine friends from being abused........


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Off to see the council......

Well fortunately my people have lots of friends here and one immediately sprang to mind that not only speaks fluent Greek but also knows lots about the legal system here and its people. So armed with the photos off we went to the local authority offices. I heard them talking afterwards and think all went well, so I do hope so.
I will be checking each time we drive past .........

Friday, 18 February 2011

The events......

To follow on from yesterdays blog..... Well my people first went to a local veterinary (the dog doctor who looks after me), she made some phone calls but unfortunately unlike the U.K. there is no equivalent of the RSPCA out here. The only alternative was to report the matter to the police, so off my people went to the town police station armed with photos. Unfortunately they were told to go to a small local station in one of the nearer villages, but here the police stated it "was not their remit" and Mr Stop'it was told to report the matter to the local authority.

Now unlike me the Stop'its are not totally fluent in Greek, so they needed to contact a friend that could help....

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I know I am very lucky

Despite my very bad start in life, as you will know from my early blogs and indeed my early photographs show just how thin I was, it hurts me allot seeing some of my canine friends suffering.  I know just how lucky I was in being rescued by Mr & Mrs Stop'it. 

The problem is they can not cope with more of my friends, and I know when my people see animals that are not cared for they get very upset indeed. Mr Stop'it says he has no problem seeing dogs tied provided they are fed and exercised regularly, but unfortunately this is not the case with the dog in the picture my people took the other day outside a house a few miles from our village.
I'll tell you later what just happened.... 

Friday, 11 February 2011

Ouch, that hurt !

Like most mornings this morning started with my normal walk on the beach. Today my people took me to Petalidi beach, you may recall I have a friend there that I have shown you photos of earlier. Well this morning he was nowhere to be seen but I did spy a very large black dog near a German camper van, so I went to investigate. Now despite me barking in my best Greek, she replied with a German-Greek bark and became most aggressive, I think she thought I was after her food ! Now what self respecting Greek dog would want sauerkraut and wurst?
Well things went downhill from there and we had a "set to". She might have been three times my size but I was not going to give in. Unfortunately I did get a bit injured on my right rear, as you will see from  my photo. I later found out she was a Greek rescue dog like me who now lives most of her time in Germany. Good job I say, the quicker she goes back and leaves the beach to me the better !

Thursday, 10 February 2011

9 o'clock walk.....

My people tell me we are very lucky so far this year as the weather has been quite good. Now despite it only being February and there is still plenty of time for rain and storms it is quite warm. That means lots of time on the beach in the morning for me. Mr Stop'it this morning sat and seemed to examine pebbles, what for I have no idea because each time he did he threw them away into the water!  At least he now has got the message "I do not do this fetch thing" that humans seem to get some fun out of. Blooming stupid I think, having to bring things back to them for them to throw away again......

Saturday, 5 February 2011

The road to happiness.....

Well after three days of rain its finally stopped and my people have taken me out for a trip in the countryside.  It makes a great change from going to the beach every morning I can tell you. The villagers are still harvesting their olives in some parts and in other areas the hunters are out shooting, so we avoid those. There are lots of spring type flowers beginning to show and after the few days of heavy rain there are several very good waterfalls in the hills to look at.  This offers me loads of new places to explore and sniff about. One thing though I keep a close eye on my people because as my regular readers will know I was once taken to the hills and "dumped" by my previous owners !!!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sad, sad, sad

I was thinking the other day just how lucky I was to find "the Stop'its" and I now have kind, gentle people to look after. The problem is I do often get so depressed about some of my canine friends we often see on our trips to the beach and other places when I am out in the blue tin box on wheels or the green meanie.  Its one thing being left to your own devices and having to survive on any scraps of food you can find in rubbish bins and the likes, but it must be even worse to be chained up, left out in all weathers with little food or drink.
So in this blog I want you all to visit some of the links I have copied below.....
Perhaps you can help ?