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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Poison !!

My regular readers will already know from some of my previous postings about the practice here in Greece of laying poisons down in the woods and along the  beaches. Yesterday I lost another one of my canine friends to this foul deed.
Most days, like me my friend and his brother are taken for a walk along the open beaches here in the Peloponnese, whilst having great fun running about he unfortunately ate an item left on the ground whilst out of sight of his housekeeper, that was laced with poison. Less than 20 minutes later he was dead, dying the most agonising death.

I refer to my canine friends brother, he is OK as he did not eat any but clearly is distraught. Both doggie friends were abondoned as puppies and taken in by some kind English people who loved them to bits.  My friends much bigger than me and look just like two English black & white setters........all I hope for is the bastard who laid the poisons one day can have some of his own medicine!
Next post I will write on how to try and help canine friends who have eaten poison if you have no vet around......

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Whoops, got rumbled !

Since last winter set in I was allowed to sleep inside and my housekeepers bring my chair and cushion in each night for me to sleep on.  I also have a very warm furry basket to sleep in if I get cold. However all this is not as comfortable as the sofa the humans sit on, but I am not allowed to sit on it!
Well for a few nights without the Stop'its knowing, when they went to bed I made my self very comfortable on the big sofa. As you will see I blend in very well, so if Mrs Stop'it gets up in the night she'll not see me here without her glasses......
But ouch!  Last night Mr Stop'it got up and caught me, tried this morning telling him he was dreaming but he had me cold, photographed me on his blooming phone !!!!!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Poppy fields of Messinia

Well in recent days there has not been much happening to tell you about. Most days start with me and the "Stop'its" going to the beach for my morning run about and then the Stop'its are busy in the garden getting things ready for summer. I must say though the beach is good at this time of year, normally I have it all to myself and can run about on the sand and through the poppy fields that stretch along the coast.
The last few days though have not been much fun, Mr Stop'it has been ill and I've not been out; its a good job I have a great big garden to exercise in.....

Friday, 11 March 2011

Worms indeed !

Now here I am enjoying a nice warm place to watch Cesar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer" try and train some American canine mutts who misbehave and what do they put on but an advert telling all you humans that dogs get worms!  I ask you is that off putting or what? My people look after me very well and I do not have worms or anything like that, it nearly put me off my dinner!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Watching TV.....

Now I know some of you think we dogs do not see as much as you humans do...your wrong.  When we go out in the tin box on wheels I see more than my people do. I can see a cat at 100 yards, and I bark to tell them so!
Again you humans think you are the only ones that look at television, again you are wrong.  I like nothing better that to watch TV in the night with my people, I can curl up in my own armchair and if I do not like the programme I can fall asleep just like Mrs Stop'it often does !

Monday, 7 March 2011

Just woke up......

Well that was a nice long sleep I had, at least until my people woke me up by turning the television on!
Now I have heard some of you humans asking if dogs like me have dreams. Let me tell you we certainly do, in fact very much like human dreams. The difference of course is that we dream of doggy things like barking, playing and running about. Thats why sometimes if you look at one of my friends sleeping you will see their legs scampering whilst asleep.  What I do not understand is when humans have a bad dream they call it a nightmare.....I thought that is what horses had !!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Dog tired

What a day yesterday was. My people were up and about in the morning and I knew it was carnival time in Messinia, so I had to stay alert and make sure if they went out I was included! 
Sure enough we were off in the "Green Meanie" just before lunch time, but to my surprise we headed towards Pylos not to Messini. After a short run and lots of good barks at sheep and goats in the field we make a right turn......YIPPEE we were going to my friend Pal's house.
While the humans eat and talked (they do allot of that!) Pal and I had a great time running about, barking and playing and I'm right worn out now!!!!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Manicure !!!

Sometimes I have more difficultly with the English language than my people do with Greek! Now the misses of the house, when she was working in Britain was a chiropodist. We do not have such people in Greece to my knowledge, but I soon learnt what she did when she explained to friends over here what the job entailed.
Now this morning I heard Mr Stop'it saying he was going to give me (Rosie) a manicure, now I had never heard that word before but guessed it was something to do with making male dogs better for me.
WRONG, he took these sharp cutting things and chopped my nails off! It never hurt though, but I'm going to draw the line if he wants to varnish them !!!!