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Sunday, 31 July 2011

I'll keep them out !

Now both me and the people I look after like our privacy, that's not to say we don't enjoy visitors but not all the time. Quite a long time ago Mr Stop'it had a big black gate installed that is real magic. When he walks or drives in the blue tin box on wheels towards it, it opens by itself.  Now I have tried to bark at it and see if I can make it work, but no luck yet.....
It certainly keeps the locals out, especially the black widow and her goats! But just in case anyone gets any ideas of coming in I have put my own sign on it.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I want a go !

Well not much have happened in the past few days to tell you about. The weather is still very hot and my people tell me its far too hot to take me out in the blue tin box on wheels for any long journeys.  
Most mornings Mr Stop'it is out and about in the garden around 6.30-7.00am watering the trees.  Now what is it about men and trees? Even my male canine friends seem to want to water them rather often!
Whilst the grass is rather burnt it still needs a cut now and then, lucky he's got a "thing" that just eats the grass up when he drives over it.....Now just how do I get a ride on that ?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

...and they think I'm the mutt !

Now and then where I live in Greece with the people I look after we have the occasional power cut. Well that is just what happened the other day. It seemed to go on allot longer than normal and instead of Mr Stop'it looking into his electric box that has pictures and can talk, he decided to sit upstairs and read. It was all nice and quiet and I found myself a lovely cool place on the marble floor to lay. I had a job keeping cool that day because it was about 40 C outside and with no power the inside the human kennel the "wind & winter maker" stopped working.
After sometime Mr Stop'it announced he wanted something to drink, now I thought to myself why don't these humans keep a bowl near them like I do!  Anyway as the power had not returned he got the fire machine we take with us when we go out in the human kennel on wheels and started it up in the room the food comes from. Now when either of my people are in there I keep a close watch, cos' it often means there is something in it for me.....
Well Mr Stop'it put some water on to get hot and went off to talk to Mrs Stop'it in their sleeping basket room. THEN IT HAPPENED.....the water splashed over the side of the pot and put the flame out, it made me jump all that hissing and I could smell gas leaking everywhere !!!!!
So I barked and barked and barked at the pot.........
Mr Stop'it came quick, he's bright sometimes and catches onto what I am telling him so I got praised.....
Uh, you humans say a watched pot never boils, but by not watching this pot Mr Stop'it was the mutt not me!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I want to go out....

I know I have told you all on many occasions that over here in Greece us dogs are not allowed on the beach between the months of May and October. Now its not an official law but most people who us dogs look after do tend to adhere to it, ironically it probably one of the few things Greeks actually do adhere to. Probably if they made it "real law" no one would carry it out !  
Now where there are lots of humans I can understand they don't want me running about kicking sand in their faces, but on the beaches near me for miles you hardly see anyone, yet I can guarantee if I go there someone will turn up and complain.
So I've cured the situation

I've nicked the sign !

Monday, 4 July 2011

My life just got easier...

Well this will make all my canine friends happy. DEFRA in the UK have just announced new regulations in respect of Pet Passports
see :-

These rules will apply from January 2012 and gets rid of the ancient quarantine regulations from the 1800's (provided you get the people who look after you to follow the rules!!)

Whats more that horrible blood test will not be required and my friends will not have to wait 6 months after being vaccinated to be allowed to travel..... 

Make sure you read it carefully though as they still have to make their mind up about tapeworm treatments.......