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Monday, 22 August 2011

Another valley adventure

Yesterday the "Stop'its" and me set off in the tin box and I heard them say we were off to the Neda Valley, wow I though lots of space to run about there for me.

As it was quite along way they stopped occasionally for me to get out and have a run about and drink of water. In fact I am so lucky as they always remember  to put my water in the magic box that makes things cold, I love ice cold water!
Half way there the Stop'its pulled into a great looking cake shop and ordered some refreshments for themselves....uh I got nothing!  But whilst I was there I did have a quick bark at a cat with three legs, and a good looking bulldog. You guessed it, I got told off......

Anyway the Stop'its blue tin box on wheels got into trouble......."Oh dear", Mr Stop'it said (or words to that effect), and I got out to look what the fuss was all about.  Not only did the cat I saw have three legs, but I think the "blue tin box" also now only had three legs !!!!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

In the hills again....

Over the last few days I have been getting out and about quite a bit.  Yesterday we went high into the mountains that we can see opposite from the balcony of my  house.  Whilst it was quite a long ride I don't mind as I really like seeing the countryside and Mr Stop'it lets me look out of the car window.  Saying that, this time I kept inside quite a bit as it was very hot and he had put the air conditioning on  for me. We drove up near to where one of my friends live, (Lucky), but I knew he was not in as he is touring with his housekeepers all over Bavaria & Germany in their human kennel on wheels. 

The views are great with "more trees than one can cock a leg up on", but I do not like going near the edge so stay well away. In the pictures you will see an awful lot of burnt area. My friend Lucky, some of his mates and his housekeepers a few years ago had to flee from raging fires and evacuate their home....Lucky WAS Lucky indeed!

This is me and Mr Stop'it taking a rest at the mountain spring just up
 from Perivolakia

This photo shows just how high we were, below is the City of Kalamata

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The wind in my face.......

This morning I just knew I was in for a treat. Mrs Stop'it was making beef sandwiches (yummy) whilst Mr Stop'it was in the "rain room". All this meant only one thing, they were off out.  Now my job is to make sure they take me with them!

Well it worked and we all set off for a drive in the blue tin box to the Taygetos mountains. I had a great time, wind in my face and being able to bark at anything I wanted to!  Saying that I stayed quite quiet as Mr Stop'it gets annoyed if I shout out of the window when he is driving, but sometimes you know a dogs got to do what dogs do........and that means barking at trucks and buses.  Mind you Mr Stop'it annoys me also, he has this tendency to collect the bits of food I leave and give them away to strays in the hills when he sees them.  Now that really makes me bark, after all I might want them one day when I am hungry! 

I guess though I should not be so greedy as my people always make sure I have lots to eat and drink.  Even on this trip they took grub for me and kept my water cool in the "winter box".

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Continually hot.......

Over the past few days I have been out and about with my people quite a bit to new places. I think Mr Stop'it is looking to buy a new toy for us and in doing so introduced me to some very nice people....good job they liked me!
On the weather front its been hot, hot, hot....a lot of the time I have decided to stay indoors as my people keep it cool, this means I can sleep in the hot hours and get up to mischief in the night! Saying that I need my suntan too, so the occasional flat out stretch in the sun takes place; but us dogs can get sunburn as well, especially on my rosey nose!