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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Its back to normal

Well Pal's people returned from their holiday yesterday and my mate Pal went back home. Whilst it is a bit lonely again without him, the Stop'its routine is now back to normal. So this morning after my brush down off we went to the beach for a run around.  The only trouble this time of year is that the leaves are starting to fall off the trees and also all the spikey thorns! Yes, I got two caught in my paws, but a quick limp to Mr Stop'it and he soon sorted me out !

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I'm on the carpet !

This is just not good enough !  I told you the other day I thought Pal was muscling in on my home territory, well its getting serious now. After a hard nights protection work together, making sure the Stop'its are keep safe from all the wild animals out here in Greece like goats, donkeys, snakes, mice, tortoises, pine martens and some of the villagers he has the cheek to rest in comfort.  Me I'm on the carpet !

Monday, 12 September 2011

Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 scene 2

Sometimes I worry about about my mate Pal, but this time I think he has really lost it.  So I'm sitting quietly on the balcony and he comes around the front barking lines from Will Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.  
Now just what can he do for me?    He's seen the dog doctor too !

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

He's muscling in !

As there is no sign of Pal's people returning it looks like I'm going to have to share my abode with Pal as it appears he is staying. Now I do not mind, as I often stay at his house when the Stop'its go away, however there are a few things I draw the line at. So a few house rules

1) My food is MY food
2) I get brushed in the morning first
3) I lead in the all barking 
4) No peeing on the balcony
5) Garden lizards are MY additional treat, no eating them.
6) Postmen, visitors and neighbours are fair game to both, but I get first bite

However even laying the law down to him he has muscled in on Mr Stop'it, I'm worried I even caught them asleep together!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Pal got left behind

By now all of you will know about my friend Pal.  Well the other day my people took me around his house to see him, whilst they just sat and talked human rubbish Pal and I had a right good time playing chase and barking at passing girlies!
Now what I was unaware of  was that he was planning a visit to my house as well, and last Wednesday he arrived with the people he looks after. As I had been to the dog doctor a couple of days earlier I was still not in top form and it was a hot afternoon so we just rested whilst the humans talked. Soon Pals people were off but disaster......they forgot to take Pal !

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Off I go again...

Mr Stopit was up very early this morning and after my brush down off he went with the motorised "whipping stick" to cut all the long grass down in my garden. Well I thought that was it, no outings today. However after he finished he disappeared into the "rain room", reappeared again ready to go out...YES I thought now don't forget me!
Only a short journey today though, a brief run around near the beach and a visit to the cake shop in Petalidi.....mmmmm they don't sell doggie biscuits!

Monday, 5 September 2011

My new medal

I have decided you humans have some very funny ideas on awarding us canines medals! 

This morning started like any other summer morning, up about 7am, breakfast and my grooming on the balcony by Mr Stop'it. Later, out for our morning drive and my run around; but then we drove to the dreaded dog doctor!  Now despite her being very nice to me on the surface I always seem to "be in for it" once I get put up on the examination table. I don't mind her checking all my joints or even having a look and checking I have washed my ears out, in fact I can even tolerate the cold stethoscope on my underparts, but the thermometer and where she insists she has to put it "OUCH".  

As I expected I was also going to get "stuck"......I hate injections. Its all done to keep you fit and well Mrs Stop'it tells me. I was not blooming ill to start with I try and tell her!

The the dog doctor writes something in my passport, stamps it and I get a bravery medal.........Last years medal was silver (see blog), this years is gold so I must be improving !!!!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Not much happening....

Well I guess from my absence you all can tell there is not much happening at the "Stop'it's" household.  In saying that we all did go out the other day to Koroni for mid day lunch, well at least my people ate I just got cold water.  The human who brought my people their food bowls stated she liked me, but then again who wouldn't? As you can see I had my photograph taken whilst patiently waiting under the table for my people to finish their food.

For those of you who are not familiar with this area I have put a picture of Koroni on for you to look at. It is a small fishing village about 30 minutes from my kennel.