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Monday, 26 December 2011

All for me...............

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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas to all my canine and human friends out there.

Not a very warm morning here in Greece this Christmas Day, but good enough to get out for another walk on the beach with my people. Now just what is it that makes them want to dress me up like a "prize mutt" ?  I only tolerate it to amuse Mrs Stop'it and get the doggy chocolates afterwards.  Mind you I was lucky yesterday I heard Mrs Stop'it planning to dress me up and take me with them carol singing in Kalamata....... whoa I'd would not have liked that as it definitely would not have been seen as cool by my canine friends! I think it would have been more a case of Santa having a "cheeky red Rosie" instead of  "rosy red cheeks.......


Friday, 23 December 2011

Its dry and sunny.......

It is much better weather this morning, so the beach walk was on!  I was so excited to be able to have a good run about on the sand and once out of the new tin box I headed quickly for the beach

Some times the "governor" is so slow and fails to keep up with me, good job he is  not training for the Olympics for next year.....he'd fail!

Its odd though, this beach changes in the winter months. In the summer its nearly all sand yet every winter someone seems to bring loads and loads of pebbles then they must come back in the following summer and take them away again.......odd you humans!
I do not like running on the pebbles much though and have to carefully pick my way through them in case I twist my little paws..............................

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Oh ye of little faith.....

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The other day me and the "governor" were having a chat and he told me someone had made comment that they did not believe I wrote my blog and they thought he was doing it!   What a cheek I thought, as if he could write such intelligent things......
The next thing you know they'll be saying there is no such person as 
Father Christmas


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Well I thought I had better "report in" but there really is not much happening in my household at present.  The weather is still not good and water is leaking from the sky everywhere.  That means no runs on the beach for me and my people.
The Stop'its are spending their time either in front of the picture box I use for the blog, or watching the noisy box upstairs that has people inside it.

I think I'll just make myself comfortable here..................

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Its getting colder....

Winter has certainly arrived here in Greece and the rains have started. Despite what you humans think us canines do feel the cold, especially when your raised in a hot country like me......a sort of "hot dog", that's me!
My regular readers will know that I do not like getting wet, be it out in the rain, in the sea or getting washed in the shower by the "guv".  When we go out in the mornings I see lots of my doggy friends tied up and left out in the bad weather with sometimes no cover at all, and at best normally only an old barrel or similar to sleep in.
I am therefore very glad that I can snuggle down under my  blanket and keep nice and warm.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Beach & breakfast.....

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It was quite warm running along the beach front this morning with Mr Stop'it despite now being mid December. As we approached my house the "guv" collected the mail from the post box and I ran off to have a good long drink of water to quench my thirst after all that running around.  I think it was just as well I did as water could be in short supply in the future if I understood the noises and expletives that Mr Stop'it made about the water bill that had just arrived! 

Still I got my breakfast all the same, but I had to make sure my people did not want a share of it !

Friday, 9 December 2011

Mud, Mud glorious mud..............

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A few rain storms around over the last few days so I am glad to be able to stay in. The trouble is there are just some things a girls got to do when the need arises so I do have to go out in the rain occasionally.  This presents me with a problem as my people tend to get a bit annoyed with me when I enter the house wet and shake myself dry!

Mind you its not all my fault. Mr Stop'it had a large truck of red dirty delivered a few weeks back and had it spread all over garden, now when that gets wet I get even its his fault, as you can see for getting my paws and face covered in red mud!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The new tin box

Today we went off again in the new tin box on wheels, I am getting used to the "hammock" Mr Stop'it has put in the rear seat for me now, guess its not too bad and definitely better than being left at home.  The "guv" wanted an estate car with windows in the rear side sections that opened for me;  years ago Volvo made such a design, but now-a-days its impossible to find any car maker (he says) that has this design.

The new tin box looks silver in the photo, but is not. It is quite difficult for a mutt like me to describe as it seems to change colours depending on the light conditions.....then you humans say dogs are colour blind in any case!

Monday, 5 December 2011

A trip in the new car

Breakfast in Stoupa I heard Mr Stop'it say this morning. Now that meant I had to make sure I was not forgotten as I wanted another ride in the new car. Stoupa is a good hour away from us and best of all at this time of year is very quiet as most of the tourists have gone away. So off we set.

Whilst my people tucked into a good English breakfast (despite it coming with an apology for a sausage), one of the local pesky felines tried to make friends with me.  Uh, I stuck my nose in the air.....I'm not letting the side down and going to speak to her. However unbelievably Mr Stop'it gave her a bit of MY sausage.  If this happens again I'll have to sort him out! 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Got it wrong !

Being a Greek dog sometimes I do have trouble understanding English I guess.  Let me explain.......  
When my people returned after a few days away in the U.K. I heard Mr Stop'it say he had brought me a ham-hock back.   YIPPEE I thought, I love bacon..I want it, I want it!  The problem was it never seemed to materialised. Now I know was a HAMMOCK !!!!!!

Some time back I told you the "guv" was looking at a new car for the misses, and the other day it arrived. The problem is I tend to make a bit of a mess with my loose blond hairs in the car (why they have to black carpets and seats beats me), so when my people were in the UK they bought me a "hammock" that stretches across the rear seats between the headrests.  Well its better than being left at home when they go out and I have my own seat belt and harness for safety; buts it not as much fun as sticking your head out the window in the wind and barking at people as I go past........................