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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mine, all mine......

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Wide open, empty beach for me now, but at this time of year it is a bit chilly so I have to keep on the move. When I looked at this photograph of me (which you will have to enlarge to even see me), I thought I should start an online Rosie Dog competition.........  " X marks the spot" ,  not spot the ball, but "Spot the Dog!"

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Uh..they got to eat!

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Now as I said the taverna at Ag Theodora was all closed up so it was off to Megalopoli  for lunch...well it was lunch for my people, I got sort of 
" wheeled out the cafe! "

After "they" had their fill off we went again. Now Megalopoli houses the power plant for most of the Peloponnese yet despite this the town is very clean and has  a good town square and lots of shops.  The Guv drove through the gates towards the power plants to have a look at the massive ignite fields being quarried to supply the plant with fuel

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Friday, 13 January 2012

1st trip out

The "guv" was up early the other morning and so was I as I had to supervise him moving my hammock from the little tin box to the big blue one.  Well it seemed to fit OK., and I guess that meant we were off out.

First stop the beach for me to have my normal run around, then it was back in the tin box again and off to the hills. Well I think my people have got a bit religious as we ended up at this church and I heard the "Mrs" saying it was famous for some miracles.

Blimey, I could see why........there were loads of trees growing out of the roof of the church and when I went inside there were absolutely no roots showing.  It sure would have been a miracle if some of my male canine friends could have reached those trees.........
Personally I thought it would have a been a miracle if the cafe was open so we all could have something to eat !

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Party is over....

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Well its back to normal now all the humans have stopped partying.  Some very odd customs you folks have I must say. At New Year my people had many of their friends here, both British and Greek (its a good job I'm a bilingual canine so at least I knew what was being said), at least I was involved and in the middle of it all. That was until they all went outside and started singing in a big circle.  However they still have not got the hang of Zorba's dance though, as they kept singing something that sounded like it was about "Old mans eyes" ?  Guess it was because it was dark!  Then they let off loud bangers full of pieces of paper all over my balcony.....uh I was off!

So as I said its back to normal now, a walk on the beach and then in the olive  HAPPY  NEW  YEAR to all my readers out there