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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I smell GREAT !

Well it looks as if the rest of this week is going to be dry here in Greece.  That means even more time on the beach in the mornings with the Guv.  I had great fun this morning running up and down the beach in the sand, then I found some great spelling fox poo to roll in without the Guv seeing me.  Don't think he was very impressed though.  I got good and sorted out and cleaned with those awful smelly wet tissues you humans use.......uh no where near as nice as the fox poo smell !!!!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rain, rain go away

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Because I live in Greece most people think I can sit out in the sun all day, every day.  Well this proves they are rains here too, and boy when it rains it RAINS.  I don't like the wet, the thunder nor the lightening, in  fact I don't like water at all! Saying that its even worse on a windy day like today.........

Gee am I glad the Guv bought me this rain coat in Britain, now how do I get him to buy me a LIFE-JACKET?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kiss,kiss, kiss

I'm bored!  The weather here in Greece has been rather cold of late and the rainy season is has set in. Now that means fewer walks on the beach with the "Guv"   Over the last two days I've curled up in front of the fire to keep warm, mind you the Guv moans about that.  This is because the government in Greece as put massive taxes on heating oil which is now 1.34E per litre!

Well I had better help him out making some I'll earn more than he would doing this!

Monday, 14 January 2013

We wus robbed!

Some times I do despair about the people I look after!  The other night twice I had to bark them awake only to be told to keep quite and go back to bed. Uh I thought I do my job as night watch-dog and get told to shut up.

Now you may not know that during the day I normally save some of my "munchies" on my sun lounger that I sleep on on the balcony to eat as and when I get hungry.  Well up I get the following morning, go outside and there they were GONE!

I WUS ROBBED during the night!

Search as I did the munchies had all been taken, cleaned out I was!  Two Christmas present munchies, my pigs ear, two "Orlando" chicken strips, my bone made out of pork hide and my markies.  ALL GONE!

Now if they had listened to me during the night I would have got whatever was out there and ATE THEM!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

Now I understand its hard for you humans to make and keep new Year resolutions but do not go thinking you are the only ones, us canines do not mind a bit of self improvement also. That is of course when its rewarded by some tasty treat!

I can't help thinking though the people I look after have it all wrong as they pick the most counter-productive things to get rid of or stop doing.  Take for example the cutting back on exotic foods, what good is that when they then go out for a meal WITHOUT ME!  Or the exercise bike the Misses bought, what a waste of money when she could be taking me out for long walks and I could show her all the places I sniff out where other dogs and cats "have been" which smell great, and often great fun to roll about in and get really dirty!

Still as I was saying us canines do not mind making self improvements, so here are my New Years Resolutions for 2013:-

1) To be more accurate with my timing for  getting the Guv out of bed ensuring it never again is later than 0700hrs

2) To stop barking at least 10 minutes after visitors enter the house provided they don't ignore me 

3) To try and pick up all the crumbs I leave when munching my biscuits on the humans best carpet

4) To be kinder to my friend "Pal" and when he calls around to not chew his ear and attack him so often (unless he tries to eat my food).

5) To stop running madly and jump at the Guv landing both my paws slightly below his waist line when he returns home causing him also to yelp!

6) To ensure all my friends I pass when I am out in the Guvs car can hear me shout hello, even if the Guv retorts by shouting my name "ROSIE STOPIT!"

7) To exercise and run far more so I can always make sure my people are never bothered by Greek felines

8) I will not lick my rear end and then try to lick my people

9) I will try to make friends with birds and lizards and try to stop chasing, playing with and eating them

10) I will stop trying to sit on the lap of my people and being a nuisance when they are typing at the computer keyboard, even when I am bored. I will wait my turn

Happy New Year