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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Woof, its hot

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Woof, another hot day today......This morning my housekeepers loaded a lot of stuff into the "Poppymobile", now this is a sure sign they are off somewhere different and I had to make sure I was included!

Well after a good drive we ended up at the place where they get breakfast (English style) in Stoupa.  Now normally I can have great fun with the cats there, but today there were far less roaming about (guess they had all been eaten by my canine friends!)......however there was one brave feline that passed me several times as I lie on the pavement waiting for my people to finish eating. She went back and forth carrying her kittens one at a time, up onto a roof in a house nearby where she hid them under the eaves. I felt sorry for her so lay down quietly.....(but don't tell my canine friends as they'll think I'm getting soft).

After a while another human turned up, he spoke the same foreign language like my people, I had not met him before but he seemed a nice guy as he clearly liked dogs.  He and the Guv went to their tin boxes on wheels and there was a lot of swapping of  "stuff".....the only problem was none of it was dog food!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Friends to play with.....

The last two days were really good for me!  Yesterday my housekeepers took me out to see my friend PAL (you will have seen pictures of him in my earlier blogs), and today when we got back home from my beach walk my other friend REX had escaped!  He had broken his metal chain and ran to meet our car.

The Guv took him in hand and brought him into my garden until his people returned in the afternoon.  I did not mind as I had someone to play with and "chewed on his ear ".......mind you I had to protect my food!

Rex got a telling off from the Guv, 'cos he broke loose!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

I'm home......

Yep, I'm back home and all in one piece.  On the way back from Kalavrita my housekeepers went via Patra and did some shopping.  Typical though they bought food for themselves and nothing for me despite the fact Makro had chickens at 2.99 E a kilo.....and the Guv forgot to get them !!!!!

We did not bother stopping at Zacharo town centre after our last experience there with the attempted break in to the human kennel on wheels but intead stopped at the lake just outside Zacharo for me to have a good sniff around......

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Well that was a long trip, mainly being caused by a road closure.  The Guv had to drive to KALAVRITA a different way.  I will not tell you on this blog what happened there during WWII but you can "Google" it and find out.  Whilst the Guv and the Misses walked around the town I stayed in the "Poppymobile" as I was too frightened to walk around the old school that is now the museum.  The Guv tried to make me but I was having none of it, and stood my ground!  Or sat my ground really!  You humans don't realise just what us canines can feel and sense.

I did go to the memorial hill though, that was OK....
as you can see from the photos.

Its a brighter day......

Good morning to all.... I am pleased to say that this morning the 
"sun has got its hat on..hip,hip,hip hooray!"
and the view from the balcony where we are staying is far better.....

I heard my housekeepers are planning another trip up into the mountains in the "Poppymobile".  Yesterdays trip was OK but there was so much low level cloud I could hardly see anything to bark at.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Its raining

As I said yesterday I knew something was up.  During the morning my housekeepers set off with the "Poppymobile" all loaded up and that included me!
For the first time the Guv drove on the new motorway from the Kalamata airport link road towards Corinth.  I can tell you it was excellent and much quicker than having to go up all those hills towards Megalopoli.  Just before Corinth we headed for the beach road towards Akrata where we are going to stay for a few days.........the problem is now ITS RAINING...........

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Its the "rain room" again.....

Now I know my housekeepers are off somewhere different and what's more I'm going to!  How can I tell?  Well first I get taken in the "rain room" and given a good going over by the Guv, then I see my spare bed is put in the "Poppymobile" together with a load of my biscuits.

Not sure where we are off to, but I'll let you know when I get back.........