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Sunday, 26 May 2013

I'm ready....

There was a fair bit of action around the place after we returned from my morning walk today.  From past experience I know that means my  housekeepers are planning another trip!
The "Poppymobile" was got ready and my special travel hammock put in the rear seat, so at least I know that I will be included.  Mind you I thought I had better get in ready in case they forget me........... 

My colourful boundary

click on photo to enlarge

Thought this  morning I would show you some of the garden my housekeepers have planted.  All along the  boundary fences my people have planted over 100 Oleander.  I must say it makes a pretty colourful hedge........and what's more 
I'm in charge of stopping male canine mutts from using it as........
err well you know!

Monday, 20 May 2013

It started well...then!

The morning started off OK, normal run on the beach and I met my canine friend again.....can't recall his name though!  His housekeeper brings him along in a rucksack on his motor scooter, great fun I bet.

The it happened......the DOG DOCTOR.

Yep I got jabbed again, my temperature taken in parts we will not discuss, a light stuck in my ears to look inside plus a few other things.  Then the dog-doctor has the cheek to tell my housekeepers I'm a  bit overweight! So I heard the Guv say that I'll have to go on a diet.......

I reckon though if the temperatures stay like yesterday and today, around 32 / 35 C on my balcony the loss of my fur will be enough !  For now I'm plum tucked out....

Thursday, 16 May 2013

I'm going to the circus.....

A few days ago I heard my people saying they were going to the upper part of the Neda Valley on an outing.  Now never wanting to be left out I was on my best behaviour so I would be taken along as well.....

What a surprise I had when we got there, YIPPEE I thought I'm going to see the circus!    No I was wrong again because inside there was no circus but a load of gigantic stone pillars.

You can see just how big they are against the "Mrs" standing looking at them.  Not sure what she was thinking but I know my mate Pal would find a use for them, as he does on most things, like trees, lamp-posts, gates etc !!!!!

I heard the "Mrs" say the whole structure was over 2500 years old (that's even older than the Guv!), and its being restored with money from case you are interested its called the Temple of Apollo Epikourios. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

It rained at the Oasis...

As it was the "Guv's" special birthday when we got off the ferry we stopped for a few nights at another human kennel.  It was supposed to be a top notch room but I know my housekeepers were none too impressed.  I was not too worried though, I had a balcony to look out from and a good long beach to run about on. 

The only thing was it rained!  Now if the Guv had thought about the name of the hotel (it was THE OASIS), he might have guessed that would happen !!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ferry again !

So we are off home again on the ferry, however unlike when we sailed to Kefalonia the return ferry was virtually empty and on our car deck there were only about 20 cars. 

As the deck was near empty the "Mrs" told the Guv to drive right to the front of the ship.  Now he's beginning to understand my language as I heard him tell her  BOW, love its BOW.
Mind you on looking out of the "Poppymobile" front window I would not like to see the size of the dog they tie to that rope!

As I said there were  not many people on board this time, and that meant not many canine friends for me to chat to.  In fact I only seen one, and he was boring, so I fell asleep......

Friday, 10 May 2013

Big boats & little boats !

On our trips around we stopped at many places and found many nice quiet harbours, some hidden with a few boats (bet the tax man does not know!), and some with lots of small boats.  However on one of our visits to Agostoli there was one VERY big boat !!!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Morning walks on Kefalonia

You all know each morning the Guv and me go for a walk normally along the beach front near our house in Messinas.  Well here on Kefalonia is no different.  These are a few photos of the beach we go to each day for my exercise 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Fireworks !

If it's one thing I am scared of its fireworks and loud bangs!  There I was yesterday happily sat on the balcony at my holiday accommodation and the locals started!  Just what is it with Greek people and Easter that makes them want to set dynamite explosions off?  I immediately took to hiding under the bed....and I was going to stay there...... 

Well both the "Guv" and the "Mrs" know the situation so decided to set off on a drive around the coast again.  This I consented to and all was OK.  After a while my people wanted to eat (again!!), and as I'm a well behaved canine I'm allowed in the tavernas with them.  However I kept lookout for those blooming fireworks I can tell you!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

A hot day at Fiskado

A long trip today as my people and I went all the way to Fiskado, a small fishing village at the top of the island. The photo above though is one of Assos taken from the road,  I can tell you it was very high up and the "Mrs" I think had her eyes closed most of the time!

The problem with Fiskado is that you have to walk into the village, the streets are too small for the "Poppymobile".  The Guv took the easy way out and decided it better to stop at a taverna for a cool beer.......

Saturday, 4 May 2013

My holiday kennel...

click on photo to enlarge

Thought my friends would like to see where my housekeepers have taken me for Easter, here in Greece.  As I said yesterday this is my first visit to Kefalonia and the Guv took the "Mrs" and me for a long drive around some of the small fishing harbours along the coast.  I'll show you some photo's over the next few days.  

Above is the place we are staying at, that's my room on the top left with the table and chairs on the balcony.  I must say the Guv chose well, I have the run of the place as there is no one else here.  Also I can keep guard of my people very well as I have a great view from my room.....(see photos below).

Friday, 3 May 2013

I'm on holiday (again)

I had some idea things were a bit different yesterday morning, as the Guv never loads my bed in the "Poppymobile" when we go for our normal beach run.  I was right, after a long drive we ended up on the dockside at Kylini.  Now being a well traveled canine I know all about ferries and guessed we were off on a holiday.  The Guv bought the tickets and we waited for the ferry to load us to sail to Kefalonia.

My people have been there a couple of times before, but despite it being part of my own country, I had not.  There were lots of other canines on the ferry, and we were all allowed on deck (unlike the British ferries that will not let us dogs out of the car!).  Some were extremely noisy, but I thought I had better behave if I wanted to be included in my housekeepers future adventures, so made friends with this young girl and told her all about my previous travels.....