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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Prayer....

As many humans go to church this Easter I thought it very appropriate to add to my blog a prayer so many of my Greek canine friends will know:-

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Around and around he goes!

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Rather a lazy day for me today, apart from going out on the beach run and the Guv feeding "Scruff" and his mates (see my earlier posts), all I have done is watch the Guv working!

First the grass whipping stick came out, from which I keep well clear, then he rode around in ever decreasing circles on his grass cutting tractor.  I can tell you I was quite worried, he was going round and around in circles for ages and I was concerned as I have heard some of you humans say that if you go around and around in circles you can disappear up your I can't say it !

Monday, 14 April 2014

He was lousy.....

Well this morning was interesting. A normal start with a walk on the beach for me, then onto Kalamata for the Guv to try and get some bits for the "human kennel on wheels", and a stop for refreshments near the tennis club.

Then on to feed "Scruff" and his friends.  This time though the Guv also "deloused" Scruff and afterwards put some of my special anti louse medication on him.....and never even asked my permission!

Monday, 7 April 2014

It's not about me!

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As the headline says this is not about me, but about a few of my fellow canines (one especially) that my people have been feeding and trying to keep alive!

The top photo was taken this morning when we went to feed them, the bottom photo some time back.  The location is about 20 minutes drive from my house so we can't get there every day and despite trying the Guv can not get anyone to take it in.  That even goes for the dog rescue centres, as they are so full.

Now I want to ask all my friends in Greece WHO CAN HELP, as my people and me will be going away for several months, "Scruff" (as I call  him) has managed to "hang on to life" but definitely will not survive this summer without help....

Scruff is a friendly dog, in such need

If you can help e-mail or phone me......

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cloudy day

Cloudy morning for today's beach run-a-round, I heard the Guv say he thinks its due to all the red sand dust in the air from Africa on its way to the U.K. !
Not to worry though I got my morning outing as  normal and now its time for a lazy weekend with the Misses going to watch a load of horses jumping over fences later today on T.V., and the Guv planning to watch the F1 qualifiers.
Me, well I'll just lie around and pester them every now and again.

Friday, 4 April 2014

They want to keep dogs off the beach !

I think this morning the Guv was just a bit annoyed whilst we walked on the beach.  He spent a lot of time winding up masses of fishing line that had been thrown around the beach by careless fishermen. These humans have no thought for the turtles that nest on that beach, the birds that might get tangled up in the wire or indeed MY GOVERNOR, who also got his feet tangled!

You see the difference in the two pictures above ?  The first is the mess that we encountered this morning after the fishermen, the second is the mess I left!
Anything else I leave the Guv sorts out!