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Sunday, 27 July 2014

A "shunting" we will go.........

The other day the Guv went out on his own to see some friends, not that I minded that but when he got back I could tell he'd been with other dogs! The cheek of it, leaving me behind. 

However I understand his friend told him about an old railway station that had been converted into a craft and coffee shop not far from my home in Wales, so yesterday the Guv took me and the Misses there to have a look around.  I posed proudly as normal for photographs, and even made friends with some tourists.......mind you I had to sort a dog or two out and show who was boss dog!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Es i i'r milfeddygon

click photo to enlarge

You humans have a saying that "times passes so fast" and I think you are correct.  It has been one year since I got "stuck" with my anti-rabies jab by my vet in Greece.  Well I thought the Guv can't take me all the way back there for that this year, but I forgot about the vet here in Llandrindod.  Yep, I got "stuck" this morning.......

My canine friends here in the U.K. don't know just how lucky they are, only having to have the anti-rabies updated every three years, us dogs that look after people in Greece have to have it every year.......still I guess I should not complain too much, at least my people do see I am well protected.

(Oh yes, just for the record I'm trying to learn the language here)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A hunting we will go......

I think I am getting the hang of this now...

Monday, 21 July 2014

Afternoon delight

No not the Starland Vocal Band hit from 1976 but my delight being taken for an unexpected afternoon walk to Llandrindod town and around the lake.  I think I have told you before whilst I always enjoy my run-a-bout on the beaches and through the olive groves in Greece, it's great I can run around freely here in Llandrindod on the common, around the lake and through the parks of which Llandrindod Wells has many without the worry of sniffing or picking up any poisons laid down.

I had to be very careful though near the edge in case I fell in!  All around the lake there are natural environments for the many swans, ducks etc. Now I know I must not chase and bark at them, so I don't......mind you given the chance.....

Oh yes for those of you (like me) for whom 1976 was ancient history this was the Starlight Volcal Band's summer hit..

personally I prefer the "Bonzo Dog DoDah Band"

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Two infections.....

Whilst I did get my morning outing, yesterday was quite boring for me. You see both the Guv and the Misses wardrobe seemed to have some kind of infection!

Now the Guv caught a finger on his left paw on some wire over 8 weeks ago whilst we were walking through the vineyards near where we stayed in France. The problem was it never healed, got some type of odd infection and started to develop a large growth. (I thought he was either growing another finger or the beginnings of a grape vine!). So he had to have it cut off (the growth not his finger!).....and was not a happy person.

As to the Misses's wardrobe, well since she has been away in Greece the clothes also appeared to have developed some infection.  Unlike the Guv's finger growth, the clothes had the exact opposite and the infection seemed to have caused many of them to SHRINK!   Well that's what the Misses told the Guv as she tried them all on...........think that means another donation to the charity shop.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Wet, wet, wet

Real fun this morning on the early morning run-a-bout, and I have discovered why there are so many rabbits in the U.K.  They can run a blooming site faster than Greek rabbits!  I chased at full speed, ran at least half a mile and they still got, I just got all smelly or so the Guv said.  Yes, I was in for it, the "rain room" when we got home!

The only good thing about being forced to shower is the drying afterwards

Lots of belly rubs, and nice warm air

Oooh yea, don't forget the under paws bits

Sunday, 13 July 2014

100 years ago.....

OK so once again I got this English language wrong!   After the morning walk the Guv said we were off to see some MOGS, now I know the Misses always refer to the four legged hated felines as "Mogs", so GREAT I thought I get to see a load of cats and that means I get to chase them!

Now how was I supposed to know the Guv uses the word MOG to describe Morgan sports cars?  So as I was to learn it was a trip to the Morgan factory in Malvern (not far from where my people used to live) as they were holding a celebration open day, celebrating 100 years since Morgan moved to the Pickersleigh Road factory.  By the way the guy in the photo above talking to me is one of the workers at the factory......he did not look 100 years old though!

I know the Guv really wanted to take this 3 wheeler home but it only had two seats and that would mean leaving the Misses behind.

I actually thought this cream and red was pretty good, two seats and just enough room for me to fit in behind them.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sing "misty" for me

As I have often said being a Greek dog I do find some parts of the English language rather difficult.  Today though on the very early morning run-a-bout at Llandrindod Common I got to understand the meaning of the English phrase " Sheeps that pass in the mist".......or something like that!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Up and under......

A real treat for me yesterday as not only did I get taken out for the early walk on Llandrindod Common but also we went for a walk in the Elan Valley.  Mind you some of the areas were quite busy with lots of dogs taking their people for a walk. The Guv however found a nice quiet area in the woods for us and in a true Welsh way it was a case of:-

"Up and Under there we go, I was ready yes you know"

Not quite Max Boyce lyrics I know, but I was happy!

for those unfortunate not to be Welsh and who do not know the lyrics,
click the link   H E R E

Monday, 7 July 2014

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.......

I think I have told you all before when I come to stay in my Welsh home every morning the Guv takes me out around 0600hrs for a good run-a-about on Llandrindod Common.  As I am of course a very good dog I never chase the sheep that are allowed to graze on the common freely, but I must say I do like the hunt and chase for the rabbits!

The chase is ON!

Cor blimey, gone to ground again....
I'll just have to dig the furry critters out

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Another place I was taken to was Horning, not a bad place to have a pad I thought and quite an interesting old pub.....(note the Misses took seat there!)

Now being an intelligent Greek dog I knew Horatio Nelson was born in Norfolk but I never knew he had his own pub! Mind you by the age of the current landlord / lady I think they must have sailed with him........